Approach Latest Telugu Short Film

Approach latest telugu short film is a good entertainer from Sky Light Movies. It is a nice film to see. And it is a nice message oriented short movie. In this film the entire story was running on one person that is a boss is in love with his employee’s sister. Calls him, and asks about his marriage proposal in a rude way. Then employee has to decide weather to accept his approach in a rude way or leave the job. But instead of this employee did something amazing, to know what he did watch till the end. Then you will amazed with employee’s answer to the boss. The message in this short film is A Lesson For Rude People.

Cast:Sreen, Sandeep Reddy


Camera: Thulasi Ram

Editing: Vijay Vaddi

Direction: Jahnavi Kolli

Producer: Sandeep Reddy.

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