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New Telugu Movie O Pilla Nee Valla Reviews.

The film was revolves around two male leads, their friendship and their love lives. One is a happy-go-lucky guy who makes a living with his skills in Casino. Other is an employee who values relations more than anything. The film was depicts how those two became friends and how their love lives was affected their personal lives.

O Pilla Nee Valla has drama, emotionals, friendship and love too. The movie was balanced all them emotions equally. The choreography and dance by the leads are excellent. Though all are freshers, they did their best and put in all their efforts for the movie completion. Production values are nice. Though the film is a low-budget one, it has something worth watching at least once.

Cast: Krishna Chaitanya, Monika Singh, Rajesh Rathod, Shalu Chourasiya

Music: Madhu Ponus

Director: Sonti Kishore Kumar Reddy

Rating: 2/5

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