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Neelimalai Latest Telugu Movie Reviews.

Mani (Anand Shankar) who was follow enginnering was violent and don not tolerate any injustice. Seeing his rightful attitude Kavya (Vrushali Gosavi) gets attracted to him. In this meantime parents of Mani gets worried as he gets into quarrel every day.

He makes a lot of enemies but his life takes a sudden twist when his dad (Bhanuchander) suffers heart stroke. To find out more about it watch Neelimalai on silver screen.

Final Talk of Neelimalai telugu movie is not good.

Movie Name: Neelimalai

Casting: Anand Krishna, Vrushali Gosavi, Kavya, Bhanu Chander, Satya Prakash, Sai Kiran, Swaroop and others.

Rating: 1.5/5.0

Producer: Pallerla Anand

Director: Suryakiran Eladi

Music: Devendra Sadive


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