Leave My Home latest telugu horror short film with english subtitles

Leave my home latest telugu horror short film by RK with english subtitles.This recent short film is a full of horror. The entire story in this short film is running on a person. a person enter into his new home. He will be all right in his home and at starting everything will normal. But after some time unfortunately some strange moments starts happening around him. But he did not noticed what happened behind him. And he thinks everything is normal but a moment he checked his mail. In that he got a message as Leave my home. He deleted that text but again that message came back. He did not care for that. Again and again that message came and but he did not noticed that anything untill he directly saw it and then what happened after he saw is the story. Watch this story every moment is so exciting.



Ram Bahudur

Baner: Sky Light Movies


Direction: V.Ramakrishna(RK)


Editing:Vijay Vaddi

Background & SFX:Emanuel Praveen, Vijay Vaddi

Asst.Directors:Prashanth, Basheer

VFX: Rams World


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