Short Films


latest telugu short films from independent directors

A Short film is a cinema format. The definition from Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less. Short films are often screened at local, national and international. Filmmakers are made these short films with non profit, either with a low budget or no budget at all. The film makers are usually use the funds from grants, non profit organization, sponsor, or personal funds. But most of them are short film made by using personal funds. The short film filmmakers are generally used to gain experience and prove their talent in film making.

A short film is any film. It is not long enough to the feature film. Short films are very popular now. Short films in India are also reached to the all countries. Now a days short films have the more craze especially youth have the more interest to see the short films. By this interest and popularity on short films the filmmakers are also have the much interest to made the different types of short films like message oriented, moral, ethics etc. Youth attracted to see love entertainer and love oriented short films have the more popularity compared to the all types of short films.

A short film script can be a great calling card for a writer. Shot films are not a lesser form of cinematic storytelling. For writing a script to the short film there are seven rules. They are
1. The Shorter the Better
2. Keep the Practicalities of writing in Mind
3. Make It Visual
4. Find Single Moments
5. Tell a Story
6. Engage the Reader
7. Beware of Clich├ęs