O Radha Iddaru Krushnulu By Naveen Chamakuri || Telugu Latest Short Film 2016|| Sky Light Movies

Cast : Ashish Tiwari, Nikita Bisht, Prawin Yendamuri, Archana

Producer : Sandeep Reddy P

Camera : A K Anand

Direction : Naveen Chamakuri

Production : Sky Light Movies

O radha Iddaru krishnulu – Two Boys And One Girl Plays The Love Game
The complete story runs between Two boys and one cute girl, This happens when her mom forces her to get married and her friend creates her profile in a matrimony. Many boys calls her for marriage proposal,but she refuses everyone. finally a cute boy calls her for proposal, they meets in a coffee shop, he wants to become a filmmaker and poor, she likes him but not sure about accepting the proposal. After some days other boy calls him who is already settled in business and rich. she thinks about him too. Both boys are in love with her. But how will she decide who is her soulmate? to know please watch till the end.

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