Oka Abbai Gurinchi || Latest Telugu Short Film 2016 || Directed By Chegondi || SKY LIGHT MOVIES

You would not be shocked after you see a regional language moving picture obtaining dubbed into different languages and obtaining free in Asian nation. This happens usually within the south circuit. then there area unit few massive star Hindi movies that get dubbed into regional languages in south.

However, what happens once Indian films begin obtaining dubbed into foreign languages and acquire free there. The trend has already begun and you have got seen however the work of art Baahubali has free across Europe and much East. Few screenland flicks additionally follow this route.

Now, there’s news that the South Dravidian moving picture Premam goes to be free in France dubbed in French language. At this rate, by the time we tend to reach the year 2020, all Indian movies completely different|of various} languages can get dubbed into different foreign languages. this may additionally prove the ability of Indian cinema to the planet.

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