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Latest Telugu Marakathamani Reviews.

Marakatamani story is an ancient diamond, over a period time, all those who try to steal the stone keep was getting was killed in mysteriuous situations.
this is the time when a small time smuggler was playing by Aadhi comed forward to rob Marakatamani. He was approached a pujari who was suggents him to take the help of some evil spirits in order to stay alive and complete his tasks.
What will Aadi now? How will he create evil spirits? and Moreover, how will he steal Marakatamani? That forms the rest of the story.
Plus Points:
The evil spirits have been generated into the story line. The comedy that was thread evokes was very good mode of the film.
Minus Points:
The story of the film was quite fictional and has many over top moments. The evil spirits was coming into existence and helping the hero look good in places.

Film: Marakathamani
Cast: Aadi Pinisetty, Nikki Galrani
Director: A.R.K Saravanan
Producer: Sri Chakra Innovations and Rushi Media
Music Director: Dhibu Ninan Thomas
Ratings: 2.75/5

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