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New Telugu Hero Jr Ntr was started a new program.


Tollywood Telugu Hero Jr Ntr was started a new program with small screen. He was charging a bomb, the biggest amount ever paid to a Telugu celebrity, to host the Telugu Version of “Big Boss”which was a hit of North Indian Television Audiences.
The film circles are going gaga over the teaser of this program being aired now, hardcore fans of the actor are literally unhappy. At a time when their hero was getting ready to entertain them on the smakll screen, why these fans are unhappy? Actually there is an emotional reason which they starte thinking about once the promo in multiple times.
Now a times, Jr NTR was a plyboy like character on sliver screen. outside the screen, he is always a decent guy and keeps away from partying with hot heriones and girls in particular.But this promo showcases him like a James Bond who romanticises many women.
Jr NTr was putting up to a small screen will also be anothe acting like assignment, it seems like fans are taking it up too personally. Guess what happens if the show will gets aired and real spicy content of the program where the host needs to emotionally tormet and gets up rolling.


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