latest movie trailers from all film industries

Trailer is a way to expose our movie story to the world. Essentially a trailer is a short montage of the text, audio, visual, components of your film that act as an advertisement for the longer format version.
The Trailer includes the banner details. feel free to experiment with this segment of the trailer. A trailer has to achieve that in less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the maximum length allowed by the MPAA. Each studio or Organiser is allowed to exceed this time limit once a year if they feel it is necessary for a particular film. With in this short period of time the trailer needs to immediately grab your audience’s attention, get them acquainted with the production value of your film and introduce your story.
Film trailers have structural arcs just as full length features film and documentaries do. when we creating our trailer we should try to incorporate the following elements :
1: Establish what our Documentary’s about .introduce our theme
2: introduce the conflict (general overview and provide at least 1 specific example)
3: introduce our Protagonist (lead roles in the film)
4: introduce our antagonist (Side characters in the film)
5: we need to provide our audience with sense of our documentary’s tonal qualities .
Audiences will look at our cinematography and listen to your music to see if the artistry of the film is something they would be interesting in seeing.
6: we should change our trailers music 3_5times.
At the end of the trailer we will want to include our film or documentary’s title
At the end of our trailer we will want to include our film or documentary’s title (Even if we have already used it at the beginning) and then we’ll want to include an ending title card with the above the fold cast and crew as well as any website / contact information we want to include.